lundi 30 avril 2012

One Piece Chapter 665 | One Piece 665 Manga Release

Thanks to mangazone and mangapanda, One Piece 665 English scans is out and available now in this site.
Read one piece chapter 665 online. just click the one piece manga 665 scans below.

I dont think supernovas are introduced one by one for them not play a role in the story.

one piece 665 spoiler

Though i think if anyone would be given their own arc, it would be law (already had), kidd, killer,(i predicted he got his own crew now) drake and hawkins. urouge, apoo and bege would probably just be involved in mini-arcs or something, but will still play an important role in it.

and i could say though she is not one of the top-tiers, bonney will likely be involved in a saga or something, her character had been hinted as very important to WG and strawhats will likely connect with her sooner or later.

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