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One Piece Manga 664 | One Piece 664 Spoiler

One Piece fans around the world are exited to read the latest One Piece 664 manga shippuden.
The one piece 664 English scans online. one piece manga 664 chapter has been released by mangazone and available in this site for viewing.
click the one piece 664 scans below to read the whole one piece 664 chapter.

I dont understand that attitude. Well I could get some fun in that situation if I were Sanji, I know, but… I wouldnt like to be in Namis body all the time.

Anyway, notice Law’s acts:

- Attacks Smoker and marine to prevent they leave Punk Hazard, and to avoid they watch something…
- Sees luffy coming to salute him
- Switches Tashigi and Smoker’s hearts (what contradicts first act / so he knew Smoker was alive)
- Answers to Luffy’s thanks, saying: “it was a debt of gratitude” (And Luffy has done nothing for him, besides to hit that @”#$ teryubitu, something that everybody must thank)
- Tells Luffy to go to turn to the back to laboratory… and then he vanishes…

Come on, … who gives a cent for Law’s friendship???

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